Below are resources that language users can use in their research or language use.

  1. Google Search in Setswana:
  2. Setswana Microsoft® Office Language Interface Pack 2013 ( With this your Microsoft Word will be in Setswana and it will not underline your Setswana text!
  3. Tlatlana ( . A Setswana website that gives you summaries of novels, plays and short stories. The website is a wealth of culture and Setswana linguistic information.
  4. Setswana Classes: ( This is a rich online course of Setswana
  5. Setswana Wikipedia ( You can now access Wikipedia in Setswana as well as Wikipedia articles written in Setswana.
  6. The University of Botswana History Department page ( It has information on the history of Batswana and other groups.
  7. From this website you can download free software which you can use to analyse language.
  8. Free Multi-million corpora
  9. Corpus Tools.
  10. The British National Corpus.
  11. A rich source of material from the University of Lancaster.
  12. You can download ANTCONC software for processing large amounts of text in corpus linguistic research