He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.

– Jim Elliot

Welcome to the Otlogetswe Website

Contained in here is the professional Prof. Otlogetswe information

  • Dictionary compilation
    Compiling lexical resources for Batswana everywhere

    Lexicography is the science, craft and art of dictionary making as well as the scholarly discipline of analysing meanings and words in dictionaries.

  • Corpus Linguistics
    Analysing Setswana using sophisticated computer software

    Corpus linguistics studies naturally occuring language stored in computers using sophisticated computer software.

  • Studies in Onomastics
    Unearthing the meanings of names of our people and places

    Onomastics (also known as onomatology) investigates the meaning, origin, form, history, and use of proper names.

  • Translation studies
    Our bilingualism demands competence in English and Setswana

    Translation studies attempts to study how meanings across languages are mapped together. It looks at words as shorthand to meaning.


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+267 355 2092

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University of Botswana, Block 202 Room 1; Plot 4775, Nyerere Drive, Gaborone Botswana

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