• Lexicography, particularly of the Setswana language. I am interested in the corpus use for the selection of dictionary entries and analysis of meaning using concordance lines and concgrams.
  • Genre and text type analysis: the problem of how to determine that certain words belong to a specific genre or text type.
  • Statistical analysis of language
  • Corpus design and compilation of different languages and how the different components are included.
  • Word frequency distribution across language varieties
  • Measuring corpus similarity and differences.
  • Language on the web
  • The study of chatsite data.
  • The study of sms text.
  • The study of chatsite language use.
  • Setswana personal names analysis.
  • The study of Setswana rhyming patterns.


  • I am happy to provide supervision of Masters or PhD research on any of the areas that I have listed above or related linguistic areas. I may also be contacted for examining graduate students on any of these areas.
  • I have or I am supervising the following supervised the following
    1. Supervisor of Mr. Othusitse Phew MSc with Prof Heiko Schroeder. (Appointed June 2014). ON-GOING
    2. Supervisor of Mr Michael Ochu’s PhD thesis: Multiword Expressions in Igbo. ON-GOING (App: 9 April 2014)
    3. I am a supervisor of Mr Othusitse Sebangane’s MA thesis. ON-GOING.
    4. I was appointed a member of the supervision committee of Mr. Agreement Ndlovu (6 Aug. 2013). ON-GOING.
    5. I supervised Balibi Modibetsane’s MA thesis: Wordhood in text messages (2009/2010). COMPLETED
    6. I was a member of the supervisory team of Mr. Ernest Chirume’s MA thesis: Texts in dialogue: Intertextuality in advertising in Botswana (2010/2011). COMPLETED
    7. I was a member of the supervisory team of Mrs Chipo Phili’s MA thesis: Newspaper Representations of Women in Botswana: The Case of the Sunday Standard (2010/2011). COMPLETED
    8. Supervisor of Mr Michael Ochu’s MA thesis: The Discourse of Terrorism: Terrorist Terminologies in Online Nigerian Newspapers (2011/2012). COMPLETED