• I have taught numerous courses in the last fifteen years. These include:
    • Master Classes in lexicography.
    • Semantics
    • Classes in Phonetics and Morphology
    • Syntactic theory
    • Writing classes
    • English Grammar
    • Sociolinguistics


  1. I chair the Faculty of Humanities Research and Publication Committee (2017-).
  2. I serve in the Internationalization Steering Committee (app: 4 Sept 2013).
  3. I serve in a committee set by the Vice Chancellor to review terms and conditions of service of the University of Botswana employees.
  4. Appointed Acting HOD of Department of English 16-18 December 2013.
  5. Guest speaker at the Graduate Student Association Cultural Night (18 Oct 2013)
  6. Member of the Department of English Research sub-committee
  7. I am the leader on the University of Botswana Academic and Senior Support Staff Union (since 2011)
  8. I serve as the Department of English Examination and Assessment Coordinator (since 2010).
  9. I served as a member of Reference Group for the consultancy of the Establishment of the University of Botswana Press (2009/2010).
  10. I serve as a member of the Department of English Departmental Academic Disciplinary Committee (since 2009)
  11. I have served as a member of the proposed Research Centre for Arts Culture and Social Studies (2010).
  12. I am part of the Management Committee of the proposed Research Centre for Developmental Informatics (Appointed: 02.03.2011).
  13. I lead a committee on the establishment of a BA programme in Translation and Interpretation Studies. In the same committee are the following colleagues: Dr. P. Seloma, Prof. M. Dube, Dr. Lukusa, Mr. Miyanda and Mrs. Molefhi (2010).
  14. I have been appointed to the sub-committee of the Professorial Forum which focuses on Botswana Studies Centre. I am the secretary of this subcommittee. Appointed 14th September 2009.
  15. I serve on the Technical Task Group on the implementation of BA (LIS): Distance Learning Degree by Online mode. Appointed: 24 August 2009.
  16. I am the coordinator of the Department of English of Language and Linguistics Graduate sub-committee (2008-2009).
  17. I serve as the Faculty of Humanities Representative in the Teaching Excellence Awards Committee of the University of Botswana (2009).
  18. I am the coordinator of the Department of English of Language and Linguistics Graduate sub-committee (2008-2010).
  19. I am the Department of English Computer Resource Person. My responsib1ilities include updating the departmental website and aiding colleagues with computer matters where needed.
  20. I participated in the 2008 Post Graduate Diploma in Education teaching practice assessment from 9th May 2008-27th June 2008.
  21. I have served as a member of an Ad hoc Committee, chaired by Prof. S. Mutula that considered and suggested new multidisciplinary programs that could be offered in the Faculty of Humanities at the beginning of academic year 2009/2010 and beyond. I served as this committee’s Secretariat.
  22. I have served as the University of Botswana warden for Blocks 429 & 431 between 2009 and 2010.
  23. I participated in the 2008 Post Graduate Diploma in Education teaching practice assessment from 9th May 2008-27th June 2008.
  24. I was the Department of English Timetable Representative (2001-2003).


  1. I was the external examiner for Miss Malefu Justina Mahloane’s MA thesis (University of the Witwatersrand)
  2. I was the internal examiner of Mr. Bashorun Tunji’s PhD titled: “Developing a framework for the adoption and use of open access publishing by academic staff in Universities in South west Nigeria” June. 2016.
  3. Authored a preface to Metshameko ya Setso by Middleton KT, Basimolodi BR and Williams KM. Setso Publishing: Gaborone (2014).
  4. I serve in the Botswana National Intangible Cultural Heritage National Committee (Appointed: May 2014)
  5. I am the external moderator for the undergraduate and postgraduate courses in English language and linguistics of the Department of Language and Literature Studies, University of Namibia (Appointed: March, 2014).
  6. Appointed to the editorial board of the Lexikos Journal (20 Sept 2013)
  7. Conducted a lexicographic training in Swaziland in relation to the monolingual SiSwati dictionary (10-12 June. 2013).
  8. Appointed member of the editorial board of Marang Journal of Language and Literature
  9. Presented at a capacity building workshop for teachers of Setswana (11-12 July 2013, Adansonia Hotel, Francistown)
  10. Presented a report on the SiSwati Dictionary at the CASAS Joint Donor Meeting, Cape Town, SA. (26 Sept. 2013)
  11. Conducted Training in Wordsmith Tools for the department of English
  12. Served as an adjudicator in the Setswana Wikipedia Challenge (2010/2011) organised by Google Africa in which I assessed material in Setswana produced by students at tertiary institutions in Botswana.
  13. I have been appointed a language consultant for the Oxford English Dictionary (since August 2011).
  14. I served as a member of a team that taught the Critical Writing and Writing Skills Course to the Senior Staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 23rd March – 7 April 2010 and 17th to 28th May 2010.
  15. I am a member of the Botswana Languages Committee, a part of the Department of Arts and Culture, which is a department in the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture (Botswana). Appointed: 17th September 2009.
  16. I write a column for The Telegraph called The Linguist Chair.
  17. I serve as a Commissioner in the Vehicular Cross-border Language Commission for Setswana established by ACALAN (The Academy of African languages) in my professional capacity as a linguist, lexicographer and active Setswana promoter (since 2009).
  18. I also do Setswana and African languages editing and proofing for CASAS since 2009.
  19. I have been engaged by the Royal Bafokeng Holdings to act as an adjudicator in a dictionary editorial process (10-12 June, 2009). A report was produced and submitted for this exercise.
  20. Interviewed on Radio Botswana’s Masaasele program by Mr. Thuso Letlhoma on Setswana orthography (Monday, February 9th 2009)
  21. I have developed a glossary and index for a Setswana student textbook (Leisong 1) for Heinemann Botswana.
  22. I have developed a dictionary and a thesaurus models for Mmegi Publishing House (2008).
  23. I have served as a member of the board of African Association for Lexicography (Afrilex) from 2009-2010.
  24. I am the Official Advisor of Radio Botswana News and Current Affairs division with the title of FRIEND OF RADIO BOTSWANA (since 2009).
  25. I was one of the 2009 judges of the poetry competition organised by the BESSIE HEAD HERITAGE TRUST.
  26. I have edited a Setswana Thesaurus and produced reports for my editorial work for the publisher, Pentagon Publishers (2008).
  27. I have worked on a variety of translation projects for the Mokgosi newspaper, including private work on the translation of medical texts (2002 – 2004).
  28. I have served as a columnist for the Mokgosi newspaper from 2002 to 2004. The column dealt with language matters and it was called SEGARONA (Our language).
  29. Rapporteur at the first National Conference on Setswana language (3-4 May 2002). Maharajah. Gaborone.
  30. I have peer-reviewed articles for a number of journals. Amongst these is: Marang: Journal of Language and Literature, the Pula Journal, South African Journal of African Languages, Association for African Lexicography (Afrilex) as well as Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC).
  31. I sat on the organising committee of the First National Conference on Setswana language, held 3 – 4 May 2002, Maharaja Restaurant, Gaborone.
  32. Offered professional advice to Mokgosi Media Holdings (MMH) on the Setswana Orthography for the initial publication of the Mokgosi Newspaper, Makgodumo Restaurant, Kanye. 2nd February 2002.
  33. I sat on the Editorial Board of the Mokgosi Newspaper (2002-2004).


  1. I developed two courses for the revised English undergraduate programme: Introduction to Corpus linguistics & Introduction to lexicography
  2. Appointed Chair of the Learning and Living Communities Steering Committee. Appointed 3rd August 2009. The committee organised programmes that provided expert advice to staff on their academic and research advancement.
  3. I lead the Department of English Corpus Research Group. The group has already collected 9 million words of English as used in Botswana and has recently met with the publishers and editors of local newspapers (2009/2010).
  4. I have provided leadership in initiating and organising a conference (26th Sept. 2008) in honour of Dr. MLA Kgasa, the eminent Setswana lexicographer. My role included crafting invitations for presenters, finding sponsors for the conference and sending out press releases to media houses. The conference was sponsored by Longman publishers. This research project led to a book project that I initiated, oversaw and edited. Younger researchers as well as more established ones were encouraged to contribute chapters which they did as evidenced by the spread of contributors from various local departments as well as those from the region as well the international ones (USA & Germany). The book was published by CASAS (Cape Town, 2009).
  5. I have organised the quality assurance workshop for the training of members of the Department of English on the University of Botswana Teaching and Learning Policy and Assessment Strategies (Friday, 17th October 2008). Falcon Crest, Gaborone. The workshop developed and strengthened Departmental professional behaviour.
  6. Acted as Head of Department, Department of English.
  7. I was part of a delegation that represented the University of Botswana in a consultative meeting with a University of the North West (UNW), South Africa, delegation led by the UNW Rector Professor Kgwadi, which considered different strategies that could strengthen Setswana collaboration research and teaching between the two institutions. I was later part of a delegation, together with Dr. Nhlekisana of the Department of African Languages and Literature and Dr. S. Mosime of the Department of Sociology that went to the University of the North West to further explore the different areas of cooperation between the two institutions.
  8. I am the head of the Departmental Quality Assurance Team (DQAT) of the Department of English. DQAT ensures that the quality of University of Botswana academic programmes is maintained. My responsibilities include chairing meetings, developing departmental strategies, assessing the conditions under which departmental examinations are conducted and producing DQAT reports at the end of every semester for the department (2008-2009).
  9. I have also served (2009) as a member of the Faculty Quality Assurance Team (FQAT) of the Faculty of Humanities chaired by the Dean of Humanities, Prof. K.H. Moahi. FQAT was established to ensure that Humanities programmes were attractive and relevant to the market. Our role also involved establishing graduate attributes which make Humanities courses attractive and Humanities graduates students competitive and marketable.
  10. I was a member of the Reference Group for the consultancy on the establishment


  1. I delivered a key note address at the BOSETU Cultural Night. Boipuso Hall, Gaborone. 12 December 2015.
  2. I serve in the Rhodes Scholarships Selection Committee for Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia and Swaziland (BLMNS) for 2015.
  3. I chair the Bible Society of Botswana Board (Appointed March 2014)
  4. Gave a keynote address at the Kgale CJSS cultural day [April 2014]
  5. Gave a keynote address at the National Languages Day in Ghanzi Main Kgotla (21 February 2013).
  6. Published Our languages Our pride: Ditemetsa rona, mokgabo wa rona
  7. Gave a keynote address at the inaugural cultural celebrations of the Bangwaketse organized by the Bathoen II Trust. (December, 2013).
  8. Invited to speak as a guest speaker during a cultural day at Lebogang Junior Secondary School (16 Aug 2013)
  9. Invited to speak at Marulamantsi CJSS to address Form three students on the importance of Setswana studies (09.10.2013)
  10. Gave an address at the Seepapitso Secondary School Prize giving day (20 Sept. 2013).
  11. Invited to speak as a guest speaker at Suping Primary School in Molepolole (25 Oct. 2013)
  12. Addressed students & parents of Kgosi Mpe CJSS (Jwaneng) during the prize-giving day ceremony (30 Aug. 2013)
  13. I participated in a panel discussion on November 9th, 2011 organised by the Sir Ketumile Masire Foundation on the topic “With lessons learned from the electoral systems in other democracies around the world, is there room to refine and fine tune our democracy?”
  14. I was invited to speak as a special guest at the Gaborone West Junior Secondary School Prize Giving Day (2011).
  15. I am the President of the Tomela ya puo Trust, an association that promotes the development of the Setswana language.
  16. I am a member of the International Board of Trustees of GOLD Peer Education [www.goldpe.org.za] NGO based in Cape Town and I am its Botswana chapter pro bono National Director. GOLD funds anti-Aids projects and NGOs (e.g. YOHO) that implement its peer education program to combat HIV spread and develop youth leadership. My roles include assessing which implementing NGOs should be funded, contributing to strategic meetings at the headquarters in Cape Town and helping establish the Botswana chapter by working with attorneys and interviewing candidates for the different positions.
  17. I have served as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Press Council of Botswana from 2009 to 2010.
  18. I am also a member of the board of directors of the Gaborone Academy of Education (since 2009).